A song along the Camino

Today we were walking from Santo Domingo de Calzada, headed west–always west, always it seems uphill.  After about 4 hours we came to a wonderful casa rural that had a bar/cafe.  We went in for lunch and–as we sat down, a song burst forth from the stereo: “On a midnight train to Georgia.”  I told Sandy, “I don´t think we are going to catch that train today.”

The cafe was full of locals and pilgrims, everyone talking, sharing and laughing their way through lunch. I was drinking an Estrella beer and eating the obligatory bocadillo con jamon i queso.  Suddenly I had what I can only describe as an epiphany.  The Camino de Santiago is a long and sometimes very difficult walk. But it isn´t about the walking, It is about the long contemplative experience in which the soul has awakened.  My body often feels tired and beat down; but my soul is rejoicing in the wide vistas, snowy mountains, vast vineyards coming to life again after a long winter, fields of blooming rape that paint the hills bright yellow.

My soul seems to say, “Look, you ignored me for almost 70 years; so just keep moving. I want to feel the freedom and joy in traveling through these great expanses of natural beauty. You can rest after another 350 miles.”

So, here we are in the village of Viloria de Rioja, birthplace of Saint Dominic. Tomorrow we go as far as our souls want us to go.  The journey is not about getting somewhere; it´s about being somewhere.

About bstrangetx

Born and raised in Ely, Nevada. Attended Gonzaga University ('66).Particpated in Gonzaga-in-Florence (64-65 AY). Served in US Army; retired as Lieutenant Colonel. Former adjunct instructor @ University of the Incarnate Word (16 years). Worked for San Antonio Water System and Maritz, Inc. Past pilgrim on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Apr/May 2013) Currently seeking objectivity and non-dual thinking.
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3 Responses to A song along the Camino

  1. gene townsend says:

    My soul similarly connects with God’s creation when I get out to dark skies, look up into the stars, and put a telescope on some of the wonders to see His handiwork up close.
    Gene Townsend

  2. Karen says:

    Glad you are having a great trek.
    Maury is now on Hospice but not in imminent danger. Decided no more treatment for the cancer so we got him in it early, Hope Hospice, non-profit one in new Braunfels. They have been very helpful.
    We missed you Sunday for ‘our’ dinner- Chuck, Fr. J.,JoAnn and Ed and us. Had a good time.
    Latest gossip on J. D.–will depart in June for a church w/ a school OR may delay that move a year so the new guy can learn how to fund raise. JD wants to complete the new building. I’d say let the new guy jump right in!!
    Keep on trekking!!

  3. I am friends with Denise French and she recommended I take a gander at this posting. What a surprise and a delight. Wonderful sentiment nicely expressed. So very happy to know you. I have only just begun blogging myself — was encouraged by fellow writers to do the month-long A to Z Challenge where we post a blog a day every day of April (except for Sundays) going through the alphabet from A to Z. Just finished and have so much more to learn about blogging.

    Discovering blogs like your make this endeavor a delight. Thank you so very much for a colorful, candid and inspiring post. Cheers.

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