We are never ready

Looking back, I see that I wrote the first blog about this pilgrimage one year ago next Monday.  By happenstance, we land in Paris on the anniversary date.  When I wrote that first post, this moment seemed to be far in the future. Yet here we are.

The thought comes to me that so many people express on the cusp of some important event: I’m not ready!  Although I would not have admitted it at the time, I wasn’t ready to graduate high school and head off to college. My freshmen transcript memorializes that unpreparedness. I felt somewhat unprepared to spend my junior year in Florence, Italy.  I wasn’t ready to be finished with college and facing down a regular full-time job teaching school. Two years later I was looking forward to getting married; but I wasn’t ready for it when it happened.  I became a father while going through Ranger School, so I didn’t experience being a father until I returned from Vietnam.  And I definitely wasn’t ready to go to Vietnam as an infantry lieutenant.  In the past years, as I have sat with friends and neighbors who are dying, each of them mentioned not being ready to die.

And now, several things keep me from feeling “ready” for the pilgrimage. I wish I had lost a few more pounds that I will now have to carry.  I could have taken a few more hikes with a loaded backpack.  I am a little concerned about a sore knee that acts up for the first mile each morning.  But, as I reflect on it, there is no way to be ready for life’s adventures. They happen when they happen; sometimes unexpected and usually with great impact on our lives.

 I’m as ready as I ever will be. I never imagined taking this journey, but I have felt led to set off on it. I’m thrilled to be able to do it at the age of 69; and I’m excited to meet all our fellow travelers.

We’re off then…..

I will try to post our status on Facebook once in a while, when I find an internet cafe,   Keep us in mind. We will be thinking of you along the way.

About bstrangetx

Born and raised in Ely, Nevada. Attended Gonzaga University ('66).Particpated in Gonzaga-in-Florence (64-65 AY). Served in US Army; retired as Lieutenant Colonel. Former adjunct instructor @ University of the Incarnate Word (16 years). Worked for San Antonio Water System and Maritz, Inc. Past pilgrim on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Apr/May 2013) Currently seeking objectivity and non-dual thinking.
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4 Responses to We are never ready

  1. Jeff Stys says:

    Hi Bob: Congrats. You are about to get started. Buen Camino and remember ‘the Camino will provide”.

    Looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your adventures some day!!

    Jeff Stys

  2. Diane Sherman says:

    God’s peace be with you and Sandy as you set off on this pilgrimage! Don’t worry about what you should have done and didn’t do. Rely on God for all your needs and trust in him always! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  3. Mary Schneider says:

    Bob and Sandy: You are ready for this pilgrimage! Just as you were ready for everything in life, though you didn’t know it at the time. My very best wishes and prayers are with you both. Love you….Mary

  4. Lindy says:

    My heart and prayers will be with you both. Love you two!

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